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QotD: Computers

Question: How many computers do you currently own? How many no longer work but serve as nostalgic pieces?

My Answer: Four and two. I still use an eMate 300 I've got, so it's in the first group. The latter contains two original Macs that may or may not work - I haven't tried to turn them on in years.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Computers"

  1. I have Durandal (Athlon XP 2100+ running XP; my primary rig) and Megaera (G3/266MHz with OS X). I also have an old carcass (SlotA Athlon 700MHz) which I'll build a linux server with soonish.

  2. One computer. A Rev B iMac, which means a G3 running at 233 MHz. I also have 256MB RAM in it and run OS X 10.3.2. Heh heh.

    This machine I'm writing on is a work one: an IBM ThinkPad T40. So that doesn't count 🙂

  3. QotD: Computers

    Question of the Day: How many computers do you currently own? How many no longer work but serve as nostalgic pieces? Currently I own 4 PCs which are functioning. My main PC, my BBS server, my linux box in progress,...

  4. Ack. I'm such a geek. Let's see:

    1 SE/30 serving as art.

    1 Duo 280c (serving as my great denial that I can't do anything productive with it)

    1 K6/500 serving as my replaced file server (soon to be given away)

    1 Athlon/1.13 Serving as my game machine

    1 NEC Versa LX - The wife's laptop

    1 B&W G3 serving as a file and music server

    1 iBook/600 my primary workstation.

    That's... er... 7. Ack.

  5. Own three. Use two.

    I have an HP Pavilion 752n desktop, and a HP Pavilion zt1155 laptop that I use.

    I also have an old Sony Viao Pentium MMX sitting in the closet.

  6. OK, I can't resist.

    First Computer: Atari 800 - Took it apart when I was 14 and never got it back together again.

    Atari 65XE - to replace the 800 I took apart. I keep meaning to hook this up to a TV and tinker with it again

    Mac 512K - My brother-in-law had this one, and I thought it would be so cool to own the second Mac made that I traded him an LCIII for it

    Mac IIsi

    Mac LC

    PowerBook 180c - The screen is broken, but this still works with an external monitor with the lid closed and an external keyboard

    PowerBook 1400cs - My mother-in-law uses this one for email and the web

    PowerBook 5300c - My son (3 years old) plays Curious George and other games on this one. I also use it as the only machine with a working floppy drive in the house when I need one. Most recently, we had a client who was using FileMaker II (not FileMaker Pro 2, before that) and wanted to upgrade the files, so we had to get FileMaker II installed on a computer that would also run FileMaker Pro 6. I find it amazing that we had a G3 running Panther that would still run FileMaker II in Classic mode.

    PowerMac 6500 - My file server at home, also connected to my SCSI scanner and Jaz drive for backups

    PowerMac 6100 - This has been the parts machine. It has nothing but a motherboard and power supply now. I took the CD-ROM out and put it in the 6500 when it's CD-ROM when out, same with the floppy drive. The hard drive failed a long time ago (100 MB)

    PowerBook G3 (Brozne keyboard) 400 MHz - my current portable workhorse, and where I get most of my personal work done

    PowerBook G3 (Bronze keyboard) 333 MHz - my wife's machine

    An old 286 (don't know the manufacturer) given to me by a friend when I was experimenting with Linux.

    A P90, the first Windows machine I ever had

    At work I also have a G5, a portable P3 746 MHz and a P3 550 MHz tower. I try to stay away from the latter two.

    So let's see...17 computers, I own 14 of them, of those 14, 10 are is some sort of working condition and 5 are in active use.

  7. Twelve:

    - Apple: PowerBook G4, PowerMac G3/AV, PowerMac 6100, PowerBook 540c

    - Sun: SPARCstation 1+, 2x SPARCstation 1

    - DEC: Alpha Multia

    - Intel: VARBook, and a custom SMP P3

    - NeXT: Cube

    - IBM: PC 5150

    Other than the 5150 which is sitting in pieces in a box (with a 20MB disk that weighs more than a SPARC), all of these work. Some are without hard drives at the moment, though. The G4, G3, and P3 get daily use.

  8. Four new/in-use ones. A Dual 500 G4, a brand new PowerBook G4 1.25 15", an 8500, and a PC running Mandrake Linux. Ones not working, in pieces, or old include a Performa 5200CD, a bunch of classic Macs (Classics, IIgs, etc), some old 486's that exist for parts, some Apple IIe's (which actually work...but are packed away). The collection continues to grow...

  9. -A working Mac Plus for emergency text entry (newsletter crunches when somebody just needs something that works -- OS 7.5 & Word 5.1 on an external 40 MB HD).

    -An unworking parts Mac Plus for when the one above breaks.

    -A working IIci that went to my Mum. I got it back when I bought her an iMac. Not in use.

    -A working PB 140 for text entry as per the Plus.

    -A working Duo 230 and dock that I used to use as a TV Guide. Now gathering dust.

    -An unworking (lid ripped off) parts Duo for the above.

    -An all-in-one Performa something that I use as a boom box in the garage to play CDs while wrenching on my classic British motorbike. It was given to me, so I don't care if I screw it up by putting oily CDs in the drive. No longer really used as a computer.

    -A Performa 6300 that I sometimes use to watch TV in my office. Again, no longer really used as a computer.

    -A hotrodded 7500/G3 350 that used to be my primary workstation. Now relegated to being my token OS 9 Zip-and-floppy server and X10 controller through VNC. Always on.

    -A PowerBook G3 PDQ (a faster Wallstreet) acting as my current TV guide and primary blogging tool. I just used XPostFacto to install Panther on it, and I now think it might be nippy enough to do light work on while watching TV. It's sensitive to twisting though, so isn't much good as a portable any more. I fabbed together a platform and bolted it to my TV chair so it's right there at my right hand while ogling the boob tube. Always on.

    -A G4 533 as my current primary workstation and blog server. Always on.

    So that's what, 8 working of which 3 are left running continuously, and 2 parts Macs. I'm not counting my Newton or my collection of b0rk3n Palm/Handsprings.

    Now ask me about my scanners...

  10. Apple Portable

    PowerBook 540c

    PowerBook (WallStreet 292MHz 14")

    PowerMac 9500

    iBook (Orange Clamshell)

    HP (PIII)

    PowerMac G4 (Dual 500MHz w/AGP)

    BlueDalmation iMac

    12" PowerBook (867 MHz)

    PowerMac G4 (800 MHz DP)

    Of those, only the last four are set up for use. The other all are functional, except the Portable, which is just cool. I'd like to turn it into a laptop case someday. B-)

  11. Wow, I feel kinda left out here...

    ONE! 15" 1.25 Ghz Powerbook Superdrive 80GB/1GB

    I just graduated, got a job, and moved into my first apt. I didn't want to bring my B&W G3 450 desktop to clutter my new place. The laptop looks so nice on my new glass desk with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and 802.11g, if only Apple could do something about that pesky powercord!

    I gave the G3 to my mom to use for video editing...don't laugh, it works (in some sort of sick sense of the word), she was doing it on a "souped up" beige G3 300 (with firewire card, usb card, and 684MB or something like that of RAM). Let's just say she has a lot more patience than any of us. AND she's never really worked on anything faster so she doesn't even know what she's missing :).