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QotD: Registrar

Question: Who is your preferred registrar?

My Answer: Dotster. They're a bit pricy, but their service is nicely done, and I got in when they were offering a very good promotion (free transfers + renewal or something like that). I can easily transfer domains to other people, too, which has proven to be nice.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Registrar"

  1. I just started using RegisterFly recently and they have been great so far. Nice admin panel, cheap prices, etc.

  2. Network Solutions (put that rotten tomato down) just because I've had my domain since before there were other registrars. I've also had to deal with trying to wrestle a domain away from a provider that had registered it with my e-mail at the provder as my contact info. I'm afraid I'll screw something up if I move registrars.

  3. I too use I have been using them for about 4 years (maybe just three, I can't remember) now.

  4. DNBuy for sure. It costs $8 to register a domain name, free URL forwarding, free email forwarding and a bunch of other features.

    They are also VERY reliable and support PayPal payments.

  5. The day I wanted to register with Dotster, they had a breakdown (bad luck, I'm sure). I discovered GoDaddy and don't regret it. They're cheap and their site works well.

  6. GoDaddy is a great way to get a domain. For $8 you get the same great service and easy setup.

  7. I just registered a domain with Their interface utterly sucks ass. The support forum is full of messages from the admin explaining how to navigate through the web site. So this thread may come in useful....

  8. GoDaddy for me too. I've got 3 or 4 of my own domains there, and I point my clients at their service. Lately they have lots of ad cruft on their site, but they work as well as ever.

  9. Gandi. 12 euro a year for com/net/org. That's next to nothing.