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10 Things to Improve Writing

I am going to read this. It's an article. The article is actually writing well. Actually, it's mostly about not writing badly. Everyone should read it. You should read it. I will read it. In fact, I just finished reading it. Mostly, it's good.

If it's not violently obvious, the above is a fine example of the crap "Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See" smashes into teeny bits.

I may not (yet) be a good writer, but I can try.

9 Responses to "10 Things to Improve Writing"

  1. "The article is actually writing well." -- want to try that again 😉

  2. Argh! not violently obvious enough for me! D'Oh

  3. This is an interesting article, thanks for the pointer, Erik. One of my pet peeves about much of the content available on the web is that it is crying out for an editor. Mistakes slip through into publication that just shouldn't. Misspellings, incorrect homonym usage, incorrect word selection, things like that. Self editing is a good thing, no doubt. But (as evidenced in this article) I don't think there is any substitute for a second pair of eyes.

    In the article section 3, paragraph five, the author writes "...but that's because they've creeped into American conversation in a trendy way." Creeped? You mean crept, right? Creeped isn't a word, trendy or otherwise.

    Just goes to show....

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  8. Creeped isn't a word, trendy or otherwise.

    Actually, might it, perhaps, have been a joke? Or could it be that he has, in fact, got an agenda and is secretly driving the evolution of the past tense of creep. Might it be that this essay is, in fact, secretly an attempt to subvert the English language? Is he actually some sort of linguistic terrorist?

    Or maybe it's all a product of my overactive imagination. It is, in fact, true that I sleeped very poorly last night. 😉

  9. On Writing Well

    "Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See" is something that every student of English, fan of language, or writer of... er... writings should keep handy.