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Blocked Blogs

My post on writing well received a TrackBack from another blog somewhere. Unfortunately, I can't see what was said about my post because the site is protected - a "members only" site. Since it (look at the URL) has "/executive/" in it, my guess is that it's a company site and you've gotta be an employee to see it.

Why, then, send a TrackBack ping to me?

I may have more thoughts on this later, but right now it seems rather silly. Why let me know you have a site I can't get to if it's so private? Not so private any more, is it? Given that it is "/executive/" perhaps the exec doesn't know what this whole blogging thing is or what a TrackBack actually does…

4 Responses to "Blocked Blogs"

  1. They are probably using an installation of Movable Type with the send trackbacks automatically option enabled.

    I don't remember if it's on or off by default.

  2. Hi,

    it was me (well, actually my Radio Userland app) sending the trackback ping. Unfortunately, it's main page is set up in a restricted area of our companies server (and I haven't gotton around to fixing that)

    I'm working on migrating my blog to Movable Type and promise to send trackback pings from a non-restricted area of the server in the future.



  3. You know the worse thing of all... when MT pings your own "blog".

  4. I've set it up to ping my own blog. I call them Internal TrackBacks.