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QotD: Speed

Question: If your computer could do one thing more quickly, what would it be?

My Answer: Process the massive amounts of email (errr, spam) that I get when I wake up in the morning. I hit check mail, mail downloads, and then… zzzzzzzz… ah, SpamSieve is done filing 450 spams, I can read my 75 good emails now. It's not SpamSieve's fault - but it sure would be nice if it happened instantly. 🙂 A close second is "burn a disc," but I don't find myself burning many discs.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Speed"

  1. I don't burn that many discs either, but when I do, I want instant gratification!

  2. Render hours and hours of video.

  3. Until last night, I would have said "do anything in iTunes faster". But then I bought iLife.

    I bought a B&W 450 Mhz G3 in 1999, at the time it was THE FASTEST computer that Apple made. It lasted me my entire 4 years at college, functioning perfectly, yet slower as things went on.

    iTunes became like the slowest thing ever. Anything requiring HD access (editing tags, changing the rating) took forever, causing a 5-10 second pause, it was rediculous.

    Then I bought a 1.25 Ghz G4 Powerbook recently, and I expected that $3,000 later, it would at least be acceptably fast, but it WASN'T. Honestly, it wasn't much faster than the G3, I mean the computer itself was faster, but the delays in iTunes were just as bad.

    However, while I think the upgrades in features to iLife are somewhat minimal (aside from Garageband), it is SOOOOO much faster than previous version.

    iTunes is all of a sudden not a waste of my life to use. And scrolling through photos in iPhoto is awesomely fast. I LOVE it.

    Sooo.... to answer your question... I think I'd like my computer to start up a little faster. Having a laptop, I shut it down whenever I'm not going to be using it for an extended period of time, I'd like it to start up faster. My PC at work, as much as I hate it, starts up in literally something like under 10 seconds, it's actually relaly impressive. As much as that impressiveness wears off after using it for like an hour, it still is faster than my mac! 🙂