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For the hell of it, I've flipped my site's "sidebar" and my "content" areas. Why? For the hell of it! Weren't you paying attention? 🙂 Things should go back to normal soon… unless I decide that I like things this way. What do you think?

8 Responses to "Backwards"

  1. The more I scroll up and down the page I like it this way but still the other way was familiar and so this is kind of confusing even though it is the same content.

    The same thing happened with my dock. I moved it to the left side instead of the bottom but my eyes kept wanting to go to the bottom for apps and windows and it drove me crazy. I moved it back and forth until I just quit looking before thinking and now it is back to the bottom (because all my apps are arranged with the dock at bottom in mind). Way too much to relearn.

    But a website is a different story. If I ever get my hosting situation under control, you would be able to see my site has the sidebar on the right side.

  2. I kinda like it, but the other way is nice too. For a minute I thought I had one to many lattés this evening.

  3. Its awkward at the moment, but its better on the right, this way my eyes don't have to skip to the middle of the page to look at the content.

  4. This is how I have my blog set up, but it is still weird to see this one like this, because I am used to seeing the sidebar on the left at most of the sites that I visit.

  5. I like it better on the left because the content is closer to being centred on the screen. But maybe it's just the way my PowerBook sits on my lap just now.

  6. I like the content better on the left, as I read from left to right. With the sidebar on the left, I keep having to skip the sidebar while reading the content:

    10 READ $LINE


    30 SKIP 30

    40 GOTO 10


  7. I like it in the new position. But it took me a sec to figure out why the site looked twisted and wrong.

  8. Clearly I've left the sidebar on the right-hand side. That change stuck. As I check out Vinay's new blog I get a hampering to redesign mine a bit. I've long wanted to do just about what he's done - a...