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So much for getting anything done today…

Update @ 2pm: Toldja so.

Update @ 11pm: Wow, I'm finally done. And how appropriate that the last story I read ended with this paragraph:

Finally she came across a floral symbol that was used in Sweden to indicate an interesting feature or attraction in a campground. She rendered a 16 x 16 bitmap of the little symbol and showed it to the rest of the team, and everybody liked it. Twenty years later, even in OS X, the Macintosh still has a little bit of a Swedish campground in it.

Happy Birthday once again, twenty years later, and a big "wow" to and everyone who has ever been involved in creating the Mac.

5 Responses to "Folklore"

  1. Macintosh Folklore

    Erik Barzeski and John Gruber are highly recommending Andy Hertzfeld’s new site about the development of the Mac, and with good reason. My favorite so far is about measuring progress by lines of code....

  2. I ordered (and ate) a pineapple pizza tonight too, in honor of Burrell. It was good.

  3. Actually, that's a Swedish traffic/map symbol used to indicate a historical site.

  4. History of the Mac

    Neat article on the history of the mac including images and anecdotes, very neat reading. Thanks NSLog();...

  5. is amazing. It's so inspirational to read about the work of a few dedicated, intensely creative individuals, and know how many lives they've influenced - including yours truly.

    Unfortunately, I didn't get any code written today, because I was too busy being inspired 🙂