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Phone Support

One side of a phone support conversation:

press command-R… yes, no, the one beside the space bar
no, not in the Finder
no, the trackpad
the thing above the button
near the latch
you move your finger around on it
next to the space bar
it has an apple on it
no, not the Finder!
no, not with the trackpad
the thing near the latch above the button that you move your finger on
yes, that would be helpful, please turn on your computer and we'll continue

Yes, I made that up, but it's fairly representative of the majority of phone support calls.

2 Responses to "Phone Support"

  1. man, that is great, that is a good one. Just the way it is leading up to the end....

    does this make me a geek or a dork?

  2. Here's a good one we had today. A guy came in claiming a monitor he bought, a cheap LCD, blew out the PC it was connected to, a Mac in his house, his phone system, his neighbor's phone system, and a cell phone. No Joke.