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QotD: Gambling

Question: What's the most you've ever lost gambling?

My Answer: $20 tonight. I lost the majority of it playing Acey-Deucy, a game which I contest has absolutely no skill and is purely luck. I want to play cards and people, dammit, not just lucky or unlucky cards! Especially when all I could get was 5-6 or A-K. Pffffft. 😛

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4 Responses to "QotD: Gambling"

  1. I've lost several hundred on craps.

    But, that was before a friend of mine pulled me aside and asked, "What on earth are you doing?! Don't you know how to play this game??"

    I just stared at him.

    Long story, short... he taught me how to exploit the best odds and now I rarely walk away with less money than I began. Thank God. That game can become a money pit in ten minutes if you're not careful!

  2. $70 at craps in Vegas - the last thing I remember before I quit was the guy next to me proclaiming: "This table is dead and dying!"

  3. $500 in Vegas over a 5 day span (can you say Comdex?) In truth I was down $300, won $400, and then lost $500, but it was once great week over all. And after all the other trips to Vegas, I think I'm still up about $250/lifetime.

  4. Five dollars playing poker down the hall, I'm a high roller. 😛