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QotD: Beer

Question: Do you like beer?

My Answer: Not particularly. I like mixed drinks more. If that makes me a girly-mon, so be it. Most beer is akin to carbonated Mexican piss (you can ask my friends Juan, Paco, and Carlos about that one) - the few that aren't include Guinness, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, and Killian's Irish Red.

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13 Responses to "QotD: Beer"

  1. What of Shiner Bock, you insensitive clod?! 🙂

  2. I don't drink. But (surprisingly to most) I do partake of other intoxicants.

  3. Cherry Wheat is vile.

  4. Killians? =coors piss, redundant. Drink Becks. Avoid the cherry wheats, Sam's and others, you'll need Monostat7 to cure your yeast infections. 🙂

  5. It took me a while to develop a taste for Bud Light, and now I like it well enough.

    I'd really rather just drink mixed drinks, liqueurs, strawberry (or even raspberry) daiquiris, malt beverages like Bacardi Silver's "O" and "R" and straight liqour like vodka, gin, or falvored rum right from the freezer or on ice.

    Screw bothering with upholding standards of manliness or social class. I want to drink what tastes good and gives me a nice buzz. If you're really interested you'll know my socio-economic background and level of manliness from all the other indicators anyway.

  6. Yes I like beer a lot. In Germany we have some fine beers so the choice is well and quality (Becks, Jever, Holsten, Hasseröder, Radeberger, Krostitzer and so on). Orignal Czech beer is probably the best beer worldwide. And Carlsberg from Denmark is also worth a sip.

    My father were once in the US and he told me, that the kind of beer you have is not worth the name. Why not try some import stuff?

  7. You definitely have to try German beer like "Rothaus" or "Paulaner Hefeweizen". After that you will change your opinion on beer by 180 degrees. Go for the smaller German breweries, they make the best beer. Only exception: Becks. Try a very honest cheap beer: Astra.

    Mexican beer is no beer and Bud light is a beverage that has seen beer labels passing by, not more.

  8. Beer tends to make me quiet and sulky, for some reason.

    Mixed drinks are better for my personality.

  9. Not a Coloradoan among any of you? Fat Tire is where it's at baby. Better yet, go for the Chili beer and an order of red feather wings from Coopersmith's in Fort Collins (your tongue will sue you afterwards)

    Alas I'm now an Iowan so Lineys has to do. Now, as for low alcohol bottled spirits. You can't beat a Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider.

  10. Oh. Yeah. Baby. Beer rocks my world. But it's no surprise you don't like it much - you live in America, where real beer is hard to come by. Come visit Canada sometime and try our offerings. I live in Alberta, where Big Rock makes the sublime McNally's Extra, but there's Okanagan Springs in B.C., Maudite from Quebec, and any number of brilliant minibrews inbetween. I feel for you, being restricted to American beer. It truly is like something recyled from the washroom then chilled. No wonder you don't like it.

  11. No offense, btw. 😉 Maybe it's the Big Rock Traditional I'm downing that's doing the speaking.

  12. Hard liquor only for me. I can't stand the taste of beer and I don't like sweet alcoholic drinks. I prefer something like Jack Daniels whiskey or some J&B scotch.

  13. I love beer. It's the most social drink for me.