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Fishing Vero Beach

José and I went to Vero Beach today for some fishing. Several areas on the Top Spot map said "Z R* S*." Z = Snook, R = Redfish, and S = Speckled Trout. The "*" means "excellent month." I caught a snook, two jack crevalle, and about eight ladyfish. José caught a ladyfish, all but one on black/silver/orange small SS Minnow.

The whole area looks awesome for redfish, but the weather didn't cooperate. I was surprised to find a snook - they're very sensitive to the temperature - and the sun didn't come out much until late in the day.

I'm exhausted. José showed up at 2am and we slept through the alarm, getting a late start at 7am. The first ladyfish was a three-minute battle - he ran off tens of yards on two long runs. The last ladyfish was caught on my last cast of the day with a clear/gold speckle/red-eye DOA TerrorEyez.