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Rock Star, Build 13

rockstar.gifRock Star Build 12 was posted awhile ago, and now b13 is here.

If you want to test build 13 (or 14), IM me or email me. This build contains the party mode, so we're not going to be releasing it "into the wild."

What's New In Build 13

  • Implemented high scores.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing caps-lock pausing to behave irrationally.
  • Fixed a serious show-stopping bug that was causing app crashes.
  • Implemented party games:
    • 2 teams: 25 questions each
    • 3 teams: 20 questions each
    • 4 teams: 15 questions each
    • 5 teams: 10 questions each
  • Created a register screen

Please note that some changes are in store for the presentation of party mode data. Non-playing teams won't show in the list, the final score and intermediate scoring will be easier to read, etc.

Remaining Issues

  • Auto-select high score name entry field and limit its maximum length.
  • Online high scores integration.
  • Fix the "go back" bug in the party game mode.
  • Implement either a "clear scores" button or a menu command to do so.
  • Playlist table sorting.
  • Check if track files are readable before using them.
  • Catch QuickTime errors and indicate to user in some way that there was a problem playing the file; then the user can deal with removing problem tracks from the playlists himself
  • Drop in logo and splash screen hooks.
  • Implement credits screen.
  • Run basic memory leak checks, etc.

What Needs To Be Tested

  • Test single player games and please litter up your high scores as much as you can in the process; then, check that they are being saved, sorted, and displayed properly.
  • Test as many party games as you can possibly stand to play (2, 3, 4, and 5 teams). I need feedback on whether they're working properly, if it is implemented well (is every five songs a good time to switch to the next team, etc).
  • This time, I really need those console logs back from anyone you can get them from.
  • Essentially, just pound this thing with as many test rounds as you can in whatever modes you can and send us consoles - even if no crash occurs. Use the filter field in Console to narrow output to Rock Star's.

5 Responses to "Rock Star, Build 13"

  1. How about telling us .. what RockStar is? I don't even know, this is the first mention of it I've seen, as I'm kind of new to your site.

  2. Dan: follow the links.

  3. i don't know your email address or screen name, so i hope you find this, my email address is

  4. Yes, it is dead, because if I released it, everyone would have a near-final fully working copy. That would be bad for business.