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QotD: Janet

Question: Who cares about Janet Jackson's boob?

My Answer: Not me.

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12 Responses to "QotD: Janet"

  1. The media needs to grow up & get over it. In any other country that "wardrobe malfunction" (I love that term) would have been a non-event, but here everyone acts like it's the end of the world, groups like AFA have their panties in a bunch over it and claim the FCC received thousands of complaints about it. Seeing a boob on TV won't cause civilization to crumble.

    Our repressed Victorian attitudes towards sex are the cause of many of our problems. In countries with a more liberal attitude there are fewer rapes & other sex crimes. We need to join the rest of the world in the 21st century.

  2. We got boobs in the news at noon here (in summer, weather report showing topless bathing girls for example), nobody really cares...

  3. You got to be strong nerves if you click this.

  4. This is totally ridiculous. Poor americans.

  5. Howard Dean cares.

    The media finally has a video clip more sensational than the Dean Scream. (Just in time for his campaign to run out of steam, of course.)

  6. Forget the breast... who cares?

    Frankly, I was ashamed & embarrassed to be an american just watching the half-time show itself. It was the simultaneously the shoddiest and most overproduced thing I've seen in years. The whole "wardrobe malfunction" is just the icing on cake.

    Really, we should all just be laughing. This is an absurdity.

  7. I missed the half-time show 🙁

  8. Sorry, I was too interested in watching the wholesom sport of football to watch such horribly offensive things. I mean, a shot of a breast in the middle of the masses of violence that is football? I'm appalled!

    Ok, I lied, I don't care about football either.

  9. Booga, that was so wrong... 😉

  10. I would have much preferred to see Jessica Simpson's boob.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks they're only going on about it so they can keep re-showing the footage? At least here in Australia, they were showing the footage for a day or two afterwards, in just about every news bulletin. Usually twice or three times in the same story...

    - proton

  12. I would have liked to see more, not necessarily at the Halftime show of the Super Bowl, but what's keeping Janet from doing a sexy magazine spread to help promote her new album ?

    I guess only time will tell.