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Michael Dell = Your $$$

While it's true that any CEO, at his core, needs your money to survive, it always strikes me that this is Michael Dell's only concern any time he gives an interview. Read this interview. Read it twice. Count how many times a price is mentioned. Count how many times market share is mentioned. Count how many times specifications are mentioned.

Now go read an interview with Steve Jobs. Count those same things.

People wonder why Apple has a mystique, and people wonder why Dell is doing such a bang-up business selling crappy boring ol' assembly-line mass market blah blah products. It's in the CEOs. Who in the world could possibly be excited about Dell other than Michael Dell? (Yet, if you read the interview, I'm not even sure Michael Dell is excited about Dell).

2 Responses to "Michael Dell = Your $$$"

  1. Hey, I'm no fan of Dell, but he *was* at Comdex--which would explain the focus on numbers.

  2. hi iam a dell cts tech working in india for dell

    i had wish to meet michel dell some day some time in the sands of time to come.

    will my wish be fullfilled