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PulpFiction – Final Icon?

pficon3.jpgPulpFiction has seen more than its fair share of icons. The coffee/orange juice thing wasn't working for us, so we switched gears and moved to another idea: actual pulp fiction. Pulp fiction is a bunch of old comic strips printed on pulpy (cheap) paper. They contained headlines like "RUN!" and "ALIENS ATTACK!" Think of the poster for the "Mars Attacks" movie - very similar.

We like this new icon. It may be a bit plain, but it scales well because of that. You can see the 128, 48, and 32 pixel sizes at right. We think we'll change the letters - instead of "RUN" we have another TLA in mind, and "ORANGE" at the top is in need of a change.

What do you think? I realize you don't know what the app does, but, that's ok. We'll filter out the feedback we get that doesn't match up. 🙂

12 Responses to "PulpFiction – Final Icon?"

  1. Well, as a glasses-wearing reader who picks up Astounding Science Fiction Magazine every month (actually, 11 times a year), I resemble that icon. If your software is a SIM-like game about my life, I'm all for it.

    FWIW Astounding Science Fiction (now called Analog) was one of the original pulp magazines. Every retro magazine cover you've seen with tentacled bug-eyed monsters clutching helmeted bikini-clad damsels in distress owes its genesis to Astounding. A true link to the past, some of its storied history can be found at

  2. A bit of half-toning on the graphic might add more of the vibe you're going for. I google'd for half-tone and found this ( Please forgive the Windows window.

  3. I like the icon, it's very nice. I liked one or two of the others two, but really, I'm just waiting for more information about the app itself! Come on, how about a few hints 😀

  4. You mean "there's a vanishing possibility it might be a SIM of my life" is not enough of a hint? Sheesh!

  5. I have to admit that I was skeptical of the switch of direction from coffee and newspaper to this direction. But now that I see the icon, I really like it. The glasses do it. They give it a certain je ne sais quoi.

  6. I would have liked it to look more dynamic, perhaps a different perspective. or maybe it's just the colours seem a little drab. But given your theme, i guess the washed out look might be suitable.

    Just doesn't feel very Aqua to me (which may or may not be such a big deal i guess).

    I'd also consider dropping the idea of the TLA completely, as i think it complicates the icon. espicially with a white area (the glass on the glasses) which is sitting right next to it.

    nice idea, just needs some tweaking. 🙂

    I look forward to the application being finished!

  7. I love it. The colors look a bit washed out, just like an old pulp magazine. 🙂

  8. I dig it. Suggest trying "FRESH!" in the headline and "No MSG" (or "No Filler"?) in the bubble. Could possibly work...

  9. "PRESS!" or "PRESSED!" for the headline.

    "Slurp!" for the TLA.

  10. Perhaps 'PULP!' instead of 'ORANGE!'?

  11. So here ya go: the final PulpFiction icon. We took some suggestions on the wording, bumped up the vibrancy, and added a half-tone per some suggestions from the previous version. What do you think? We're very pleased. Development on PulpFiction...

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