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Basecamp Launches

bc_snowglobe.gifBasecamp launched today. It still looks interesting as I begin using it. They've got some issues with text formatting (sometimes I want a * to be a *, dammit, and I have yet to successfully mix *lists with *bold* text). I'd like to create a different look per project, to assign different leads per-project, and to have all of the things work. Some things that don't work for some of my peers: the RSS feeds and the iCal feeds.

But it's amazing that they have RSS feeds and iCal feeds! Wow! Very nice.

Basecamp is a hosted solution, and given our relatively small size here at FSS (four people, about eight products), the $19/mo plan (with up to ten projects) looks great. We'll use that. I am still not sure whether I'd rather have an installable copy (they offer those for a negotiable price) - there are pros and cons to each approach. I don't really want to have to deal with maintaining the software, yet $19/month is a bit to much to pay for something you can accomplish nearly a well with email, IM, and CVS.

4 Responses to "Basecamp Launches"

  1. Thanks for the link Erik! Realmac Software is now using Basecamp to keep track of projects and such.

  2. I think it's nifty that Basecamp stole my blog's color scheme for its icon. Look how nifty it matches my site!</sarcasm>

  3. We're going to be adding a feature that will let you turn off special text formatting shortly. Here's a list of new features we'll be adding soon.

  4. I just find it funny that I have been talking about writing a similar, although more in depth, product for the last couple years. It was always one of those "when I get enough free time..." things. Oh well...