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QotD: GarageBand

Question: Have you made a GarageBand song yet?

My Answer: I have goofed around like everyone else, but I've yet to approach making anything even resembling "a song."

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3 Responses to "QotD: GarageBand"

  1. No. Using only the existing loops (or even some add-in loops), it gets monotonous with no melody. I've ordered the M-Audio Keystation, which will let me enter actual melodies.

    I did actually publish one creation at (plug, plug 😉

  2. Oh, that's what you call my jumbled noise? A song? Clever.

    In all truth, I've made some loop compilations, but they get boring after 5 minutes. I suppose if I had musical talent.

  3. Yup. My sister and a friend of hers play together, and I occasionally play lead guitar with them. We've been waiting for something accessible to come along to do some basic recording. GarageBand does that and more.

    If anyone wants to hear the result of the first experiment of recording the song:

    "Perfect Blemishes" (4MB AAC).

    All of the band members would appreciate comments 🙂 -- just send them to scott at treehouseideas dot com. I have to emphasize it's really rough in a number of spots, just a result of getting used to various timing issues (input delays, recording tempo vs. actual tempo, etc).

    We recorded the vocals and acoustic guitar live, then I went back in and added lead guitar and two manual percussion tracks added with a midi keyboard. Major credit to Apple -- I never had to read a manual and I knew what was going on in under two hours of messing around.

    - Scott