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Rock Star Contest: Win $100

rockstar.gif Rock Star is nearly complete (we hope to release next Tuesday), but in the meantime I thought I'd kick off a little contest. Let's call it the "Give Rock Star Some Makeup" contest.

Most of the Rock Star interface is a bunch of TIFFs, so contestants will simply need to submit a folder full-of-TIFFs for consideration. We'll dump them into our copy of the game and check 'em out. Contest rules:

  1. Contest Ends March 15, 2004
  2. The winner will be announced March 23, 2004.
  3. Winners will receive $100 or $50 in iTMS Gift Certificates and a license to all FSS software. Winners will also be listed in "the about box."
  4. Submitted entries become the property and copyright of FSS (so we can use them in the game!).
  5. Entries must be emailed to rockstar_contest @ freshsqueeze .com
  6. Contestants must only modify the TIFFs. We'll take requests for font color changes, and contestants are free to submit their own screenshots to illustrate their vision, but let's try to KISS and just change some TIFFs.
  7. Use the "Gadget" font, wouldja?

Entries will be judged on:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Adherance to "the FSS look and feel"
  • Viewability/Usability (even on TV screens)
  • Freshness

If none of the entries beats our standard graphics, then Brian Christensen, who helped to create Rock Star and who maintains DisplayKit will win the prizes.

Voting will be held between FSS members, but we'll put all themes here on the blog for public opinion as well. Download the graphics and get started!

2 Responses to "Rock Star Contest: Win $100"

  1. Rock Star is "kinda out." We're doing a soft release on this one for a few reasons: to iron out any remaining issues (we think that there are none, but we want to be sure), as well as to give...

  2. Nobody submitted anything. 🙂 Which is fine.