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PF Icon: Final

pficon4.jpgSo here ya go: the final PulpFiction icon. We took some suggestions on the wording, bumped up the vibrancy, and added a half-tone per some suggestions from the previous version.

What do you think? We're very pleased. Development on PulpFiction is in full swing as some tail ends are tied on Rock Star. We're squeezin' 'em out, baby!

8 Responses to "PF Icon: Final"

  1. i like it a lot, but i still don't know what pulp fiction does

  2. (you asked for a critique, so here you go)

    The artwork is excellent, but ideally, I feel a user should be able to get an idea of what an application does from its icon, and frankly, a couple of comic book about oranges with a pair of granny reading glasses in front don't really tell me anything, except that this application does something and that it is made by Fresh Squeezed. It seems like usability considerations have taken a back seat to being clever. I'm not sure that is a good thing.

  3. The only thing I can think of that PulpFiction does (based on the name and icon) is an app for managing a weblog

  4. "Anonymous Reviewer" (lame name): we feel the app icon makes sense in the context of "what it does." You don't know what it does, but you're looking at an icon with no context, which is a rare situation.

    And to the guy under you: no, it doesn't do that.

  5. The first thing I think of when I see "PulpFiction", and I suspect this would be true for many potential users, is the movie. If PulpFiction is going to be a blog editor, I would change the cover of the comic so it has something to do with the world wide web. Change the speech bubble to "blog!" or something related to what the application actually does instead of being clever.

    (and again, its a very nice piece of artwork, but a well designed icon has to be functional in addition to being pretty to look at)

  6. Well i know I'm too late for the conversation about the icon, but that's not going to stop me. I think the icon is very nice, and communicates it's purpose just fine, though I really have no idea what it is. But it seems to me that this icon says, I display fresh content. And what is a an emerging popular software market with a severe lack of major players on the Mac OS X platform? Syndication.

    Funny, of all the great applications I've heard Erik talk about, NetNewsWire hasn't really been one of them.

  7. Pulp Fiction Icons

    Application and Toolbar Icon for Freshly Squeezed Software This is definitely the longest icon project I've been in. The long length on designing application icon was mainly my fault because of the difficulty in coming up with a good...

  8. The icon's very good, and I, as well as Stevie, think it's a NNW competitor.