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QotD: Teeth

Question: How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

My Answer: Twice, at least. Once when I wake up (ewwwww) and once before bed. Occasionally I forget the "before bed" part, which necessitates an immediate brushing in the morning. Ewwww!

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3 Responses to "QotD: Teeth"

  1. I'm like yours only opposite in necessity. I never miss one before bed although sometimes I forget the morning one. I guess I'm in a rush then.

  2. How can you forget the morning one, G? In the morning my mouth tastes disgusting and people would be smelling my bad breath for the rest of the day.

    Sometimes I even brush my teeth twice in the morning. Once right when I get up and then again after breakfast, depending on what I ate.

    I almost always brush in the evening too.

  3. Once, in the evening, unless I'm too drunk to recognize my toothbrush (Erik knows what I'm talking about).

    Jeff: Breath smelling isn't the same for all people, some got a problem with that, some don't.