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I am taking a serious look (via proxy) at ExpressionEngine today. This post is what's holding me back.

Mark -- we are actively developing an import script. We hope to have it finished in a couple weeks.

$200 for a professional blogging package? I'd pay it if migration took no more than a few hours and if it was fast. I would hope to adopt almost all of my MT templates and go from there. Two comments were made in my previous post about MT's speed (or complete lack thereof) about EE.

P.S. I'd have to update to PHP 4.1 from 4.0.6. It's been awhile since I've done this. I'm not looking forward to it. 🙂

12 Responses to "ExpressionEngine"

  1. Erik,

    You should really take a look at EE. I started with GreyMatter, moved on to MovableType, then pMachine. pMachine has been wonderful for me and my clients, but ExpressionEngine looks to be perfect in every way.

    Multiple categories per entry, unlimited entry fields, extremely quick displaying with multiple cache settings, etc.

    I'd recommend keeping your eye on Rick's blog and forum posts for the next few weeks or so.

  2. Andrew, this one: Doesn't seem to mention his company much… Is there another?

  3. $200? for blogging software?

  4. As Erik mentioned, I pointed

    As Erik mentioned, I pointed out ExpressionEngine to him as an alternative to MovableType since it is really starting to suck it up. I have no allegiance whatsoever to the MovableType CMS, and would move to a better solution if...

  5. Charles:

    pMachine / EE are more CMS type deals than blogging packages. Sites like use it. I wouldn't consider iPodLounge a blog.

  6. just looking at the control panel demo, expression engine is aimed at the blogging segment. i don't see companies making money off the blogging segment for a standalone product. there are a ton of free alternatives in the market that do amazing things. erik doesn't seem to have the time to try them all.

  7. There's a way ... import your MT entries into a database through the use of pMachine's import tool, and then import them into EE back out.

  8. As an aside, what's holding me back is the lack of support for Textile formatted entries. I'm not up to spending days reformatting 4,000 posts from Textile to HTML.

  9. There's a way ... import your MT entries into a database through the use of pMachine's import tool, and then import them into EE back out.

  10. Erik,

    No, was the one I was referring too. He hasn't updated it since November because of his 18 hour days, but from his comments in the forum and one or two others by Paul Burdick, I assume he will be making some more comments sometime soon.

    He also posts in the Support Forums numerous times every day. 😛

  11. Hey Erik, drop me an IM telling me what features you really want (besides speed)...

  12. $200 for blogging software, $200 for a professional Content Management System you mean.