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Rock Star High Scores

Gabe took the early lead, but I've pulled ahead of him. Witness my several close calls.


And Eric Blair, you doofus. You're in the freaking About Box and you were the first to buy a copy? Doofus! You missed the asterisk, I guess.

7 Responses to "Rock Star High Scores"

  1. I saw the asterisk, but I never actually contributed any feeback! Woulda felt guilty about asking for a freebie after that.


    Damn ethics.

    Guess I shoulda looked at the about box...

    Besides, I've probably already gotten $9 of enjoyment out of the game. It's my new time suck.

  2. Thought of this just after hitting post - it wasn't that I didn't use Rock Star during the beta, but I never encountered any issues I felt warranted reporting and I didn't have any feature ideas (at least until I started dropping you notes about the high score list after registering 🙂 )

  3. I'm in the about box too, but I just wanted to show support. I always like it when people support my projects. Good work. I have fun with the game!

  4. Heh. Erik isn't #1 anymore. 😛

    At least on the combined list...

    Thanks for the great software Erik & Co.

  5. Coolest game I saw in a long time. Thanks!

    Can't wait to try it at home with my real iTunes Library instead of the small one here on my pb.

  6. Eric Blair, I just want to publicly thank you, cause I decided for the heck of it that I would check the About Box, and it turns out that I am "the other Caleb." 😛

  7. Glad I could help, Caleb 🙂