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Rock Star: Thursday

rockstar.gifRock Star is "kinda out." We're doing a soft release on this one for a few reasons: to iron out any remaining issues (we think that there are none, but we want to be sure), as well as to give the readers of this blog a bit more time to get Rock Star for only $9 before the price goes up to $14 on Sunday. Official release will be on Thursday.

To repeat: you can get Rock Star for $9 until Sunday. Get a copy early!* Don't forget the chance of winning $100, either.

The product page (please, if you have suggestions for the copy writing on this page, let us know!) is located at /products/rockstar/ (of course) and a direct link to what I'm calling 1.0fc2 is here (2.0 MB .dmg).

The $9 special runs through Saturday or Sunday (whenever I get around to changing the price). Have at it - the high scores boards are yours for the taking! Please leave any comments here on this entry so that we may fix any remaining small issues before the 1.0 release on Thursday, and as always, thanks!

* Legitimate beta testers and friends should IM me for their registration codes.

P.S. The FSS site has a new favicon. Clear those Safari caches of favicons, boys!