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Alpine {Heart} iPod

You know, my birthday is coming up. I've been quite happy with the audio system in my car. I just wish it had a line-in. I'm going with the faux-cassette-tape solution right now. I've avoided the FM tuners. The iPod almost never leaves my car except to come sync with the computer now and then.

One Response to "Alpine {Heart} iPod"

  1. I too am happily awaiting summer to pick up one of these. I too am happy with my stock head unit, other than no line-in. I also have no cassette part, so I can't do that work around. I had a friend give me his iRock, which is unusable in downtown SLC, and I bought an iTrip. Both are inadequate solutions, and the quality is such that just listening to a radio station is much better. I am glad I won't have to burn mix discs anymore, but can just use my iPod tied in to the head unit.