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QotD: Bond

Question: Who is your favorite Bond?

My Answer: I know I'll get crap for this one, but I'm going with Pierce Brosnan. Sean Connery was the first, and that's important, but I think Pierce plays it better than anyone. I've seen every movie, too, so it's not youth talking. 🙂

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13 Responses to "QotD: Bond"

  1. my all time favorite is Sean Connery in "Goldfinger". Pierce Brosnan is a little bit incredulous.

  2. Connery, though Pierce is a VERY close second. It think that the reason has little to do with the actors though. Connery's Bond was less politically correct, grittier, more of an anti-hero. I liked that. Pierce's Bond is a man of his times and it shows. Bond is a misogynist, anything less is a failure to the character.

  3. Connery hands down. I think I was introduced to the Bond character with him and he is the portrayal that I think of when I think of Bond. Brosnan is adequate, but he doesn't have those qualities that I've associated with Bond because of Connery.

  4. Connery, because he was closest to how he was written in the books for the reasons that Gary stated.

  5. Connery, because he was closest to how James Bond was originally written by Ian Flemming.

  6. Connery, Brosnan, Dalton, Lazenby, Niven, Nelson, Moore, Allen, in that order.

    Brosnan does a great job, but doens't hold a candle to the character as portrayed by Connery. The fact that the last Bond movie, Die Another Day, was the first that I actually hated and don't plan to get on video (when I own every other one, including both Casino Royales), may have something to do with my preference for Connery.

  7. I'd have to go w/Connery too. The only Bond movie I haven't seen is the last one - Die Another Day.

    I have to say I like SC better because of the style of the movie as much as his portrayal of Bond. Post-Moore Bond movies have seemed to be closer to action films w/JB blowing up everything in sight rather than spy films.

  8. Going to have to vote to Sean first, with peirce a close second. I liked roger moore, and probably watched more of him in my formative bond watching years, but in the end sean has that 'love 'em and kill 'em" attitude that bond seems to have to have more than anyone else.

  9. Sean and then Pierce. I remember being young and my mom watching Remington Steele and thinking he was in the Bond movies too, but Sean still was the better Bond.

  10. Brosnan, then Moore. I've seen 'em all, and my favorites have those two.

  11. Gotta be Connery for number 1. The Bond of "From Russia With Love" is pretty much definitive. I don't care if you've seen all the movies (I have), have you read all the books? I have. Bond was a product of his times, the 50's and 60's. He was a heartless, loyal, amoral, controlling, lucky, misogynist assassin who survived a hot and cold war who was blessed with a really high pain threshold, and we get to see that in FRWL. That being said, the sense of comedy and humour introduced by the movie franchise, while not true to the original books, was essential to the longevity of the series. As such Brosnan is the quintessential heir to Connery's legacy. He was tapped to take the helm a long time ago but couldn't get out of the Remington Steele contract, thus paving the way for Moore. If Brosnan had done the Moore pantheon of Bond flicks as well as the latest three I might amend my Connery opinion, but it didn't happen. So: definately Connery then Brosnan.

  12. Connery still is the king in my kingdom. Why? Sure, because he was first. But more importantly because he was the first to create a whole new genre. There was no one to blaze a trail for him. It was all new. I remember seeing my first Bond in about 62 or 63 (Dr. No). It was a whole new thing. Like a new world had opened up.

    It's pretty easy to think in terms of what's possible in 2004. But over 40 years ago, Jamaica and Russia and Instanbul were so exotic that it changed the way I thought of the world and what and where I wanted to go.

    Also, watch how Connery evolves the character from "Dr. No" (1st) to "From Russia with Love" (2nd) to "Goldfinger" (when it went BIG).

    As good as Brosnan is, he doesn't do anything more than carry on a legacy.

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