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Where’s My Motorola v600?

Where oh where is my Motorola v600?

If a phone was ever vaporware, this may be it. Motorola's site should say "Coming Soon… since 1997!" Peh.

The battery life on my venerable v60 is dwindling, as is the reception quality. I need a new Cingular phone pronto, and I want it with Bluetooth, a color screen, and some cool ringtone capabilities.

6 Responses to "Where’s My Motorola v600?"

  1. It's not vaporware... Just "low-supply" ware. You can get it via outlets like GSM Phone Source or eBay, but you'll pay through the nose. It's listed on GSM Phone Source at $749.99 right now. Ha!

    However, I was under the impression that the V600 was just for AT&T Wireless. It should be shipping there this month. Cingular might buy AWE though, so it could be all the same in a month.

    What I'm digging now is the v80, but I'll probably have to get an import (AKA $$$).

  2. Maybe I should bug the Cingular dealers around here to see what they have to say. I'm not sure a swivel phone is something I'd like.

  3. AT&T was advertising the phone last week. Maybe during the Super Bowl. I don't remember exactly.

  4. i can get it fo 475.00 with shipping

  5. I brought home my Motorola v600 last night and attempted to set it up with my Mac. I've waited quite a while for this phone, so I was quite eager. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.3.3 and iSync 1.4 greeted my...

  6. There's a good Motorola V600 review at the Mobile Phone Directory