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FSS Goes Update Crazy!

fss_orange.gifFreshly Squeezed Software has gone update crazy! Today we're releasing FTPeel 1.1.1, MailDrop 1.3.2, and Rock Star 1.0. A bit on each:

Rock Star 1.0 [info | download]
This game's gotten quite a bit of coverage the past few weeks here on NSLog();, so I won't belabor the point here. Most of you know what it does, and if you don't, well, click the links above. Remember, save $5 through Saturday - Rock Star is only $9!!!

FTPeel 1.1.1 [info | download]
FTPeel continues to support more servers, grows in its stability and speed, and is pretty darn close to being one of the best FTP clients on any platform. A mere point-point release, this was nearly FTPeel 1.2. We fixed, improved, or added over fifteen things, including support for Tex-Edit and Mac OS X's native Date & Time settings. This update is free to all registered users.

MailDrop 1.3.2 [info | download]
The biggest news in this version? Our first localized product. MailDrop now supports German-speaking customers. We've also fixed a few little crashes and improved the attachments handling routines. This update is free to all registered users.

What a day! Hurry and pick up your copy of Rock Star for > 35% off before Sunday, and as always, enjoy!

P.S. Feel free to leave comments at either MacUpdate or VersionTracker. Links go to Rock Star pages.

3 Responses to "FSS Goes Update Crazy!"

  1. I tried Rock Star today, but couldn't get it to work. It had gathered playlist information for about half an hour, when I decided to quit it. My Library has about 6000 songs, could that be the reason?

    I really though about purchasing it (for 9$), because I like the idea very much, but I'm not willing to wait half an hour or longer before I can play it...

  2. This is not a forum for support, especially when you fail to leave a valid name or email address.

  3. That' why I also wrote an email...I'm not leaving my name and email address here!