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Magic Mirrors

Says one person on FTPeel's MacUpdate page:

One word: Perfect. Magic Mirrors are of the gods.

Several years ago I wrote to Cabel at Panic and said "hey, I have an idea." My idea was what is now a feature in my product: Magic Mirror in FTPeel. I said that an option to run Transmit (then Transit) in a "control-strip-like mode" (I was thinking of MacAST/AMP Lite) would work really well if I could just drag and drop files and they'd magically go to the correct server.

The dock replaced the control strip, and I wrote my own code to magically mirror files and folders. I'm glad others find MM as useful as I do (every day while updating the FSS site in particular!).

3 Responses to "Magic Mirrors"

  1. I'm downloading it now & will take a look.

    I've been using Interarchy forever, but I'm starting to get annoyed with it. It seems to screw up file permissions & often refuses to delete an empty directory that I have rwx access to.

  2. Have you tried publishing a Blosxom weblog with FTPeel? I wonder what the experience is like.

  3. mrkranky: a) read the manual, b) contact support.

    The basics are this: you add a remote path ( and a local path (~/Sites/mysite/). Then, if you have a file at "~/Sites/mysite/blah/folder/file.jpg" and you drag it to FTPeel, it will upload it to the appropriate place on your server, creating folders if necessary.