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Safari Shows Image Sizes

So, I'm not sure when it happened, but I noticed today that Safari now displays image sizes (i.e. "128 x 128 pixels") in the menu bar when you view an image.


My best guess is that this happened in 1.2. I haven't seen any other mentions of this yet, and it's new to me.

P.S. On an unrelated note, why does safari chop off the word "Rock" in the tabs?


Very weird. The page titles properly include the word "Rock" in "Rock Star" but that word is chopped off in tabs.

6 Responses to "Safari Shows Image Sizes"

  1. it chops off the first word to make more space on the tabs. Such as if you open multiple tabs on your blog it will cut off NSLog() that information is not vital to understanding what the tab means.

  2. You're kinda right. If you visit three pages on FSS, for example, it chops off "Freshly Squeezed Software" and shows the next part. That's pretty clever!

    The cleverness runs aground when it attempts to do this on two sites and chops off "Rock" from a product named "Rock Star" though. 🙂

  3. It seems to only cut of the Rock part when visiting two pages with the same title. When I went to the macupdate page of Rock Star, "Rock Star" showed up in the tab, but if I opened up another tab and went to the versiontracker page for Rock Star, the Rock part got cut off both tabs. I took some screenshots...

    Tabs Before

    Tabs After

  4. Sometimes, the algorithm is quite clever, sometimes it isn't...

    I first realized this fact with this thread on macnn, which shows a clever case.

  5. The algorithm isn't perfect, but most of the time it does a pretty good job. It's really useful when I'm reading BBC News, for example … they insist on putting "BBC NEWS | " at the beginning of all of their page titles.

    Occasionally Safari will do something odd (for example, when two news stories on BBC start with the same word) but most of the time this feature work quite well.

  6. Yep. Safari 1.2 is where the image sizes showed up.