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Eisner is an Idiot

Eisner is an idiot.

"He created the computer, or at least Windows, or whatever he created, and did a good job," Eisner said to peals of laughter from analysts attending the company conference in Orlando, Florida. Eisner was addressing the collapse of talks between Disney and Pixar on extending their partnership, which has generated five smash hits including last year's "Finding Nemo." Since those talks failed late last month, Eisner and Jobs have traded barbs, each blaming the other. "You'd be killing me today if you read the deal we offered them," he told the analysts.

And yet the deal still wasn't good enough. Pixar had Disney by the balls, and Disney decided to let Pixar keep 'em.

Eisner is an idiot. Correction: Eisner is an idiot without any balls.

7 Responses to "Eisner is an Idiot"

  1. You tell em bro. It's like AtAT always say: CEOs start worrying career wise when Steve is sculking around. Eisner should be _very_ worried. : )

  2. Eisner used to have a pair, when he started out in 1984 with Jeffrey Katzenberg. Ever since Jeff became the K in DreamWorks SKG, Eisner's Disney empire has been slowly crumbling. The parts of ways between Pixar and Disney just shows how bullheaded and stupid he's become. Hmm-- Maybe Katzenberg was the brains of the operation all along.

  3. Disney has been going nowhere fast in the animation department. Some of their "live action" films are good, and I enjoy ABC and the other networks the have a hold on, but, Pixar really kept Disney the big name it is today. The [Pixar] films appealed to children and adults, and were very good. Whatever/Whoever snatches a deal with Pixar will, likely, do very well.

  4. It should be worth mentioning as well that Eisner closed the animation studio in Florida because he couldn't manage that division from California. It's also worth mentioning that the Florida studio was the only one to produce hit animated films- (Lilo & Stitch, Mulan) that the California studio couldn't. Now all of those animators are out of work.

  5. It's hard for me to drop the h-bomb, but yeah... I hate Eisner too.

  6. Perhaps the ideal situation would be for Disney to buy Pixar in a deal structured such that Pixar would end up in control and Eisner would be gone (much like with Apple/NeXT).

    Then, Pixar-controlled Disney could sell its networks and other distractions to Comcast.

    Then Jobs and Pixar could take Disney back to its core competencies.

    The risk is that this could kill Pixar and Disney, and that the remaining culture of Disney execs would overwhelm Pixar's culture.

  7. I would say that Pixar and Disney had each other by the short and curlies. Don't forget that Disney owns

    the rights to all the films created by Pixar released through Disney plus 2 more upcoming films. Disney is

    free to milk the sequel cow with those movies as much as it wants with Pixar only having the right of first

    refusal to make them.

    Whether Disney could pull off a decent sequel or not would be a different matter.