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Redesigning NSLog();

Clearly I've left the sidebar on the right-hand side. That change stuck. As I check out Vinay's new blog I get a hampering to redesign mine a bit. I've long wanted to do just about what he's done - a subtle, muted color. Most of my images, though, have white backgrounds, so I've gotta stick with white for the main area.

I still like how my blog looks. I think the colors are bold and distinctive. The biggest knock I guess I've got at this point is that the blue and green look a bit too much like Windows XP. 🙂

8 Responses to "Redesigning NSLog();"

  1. that is the same layout as this blog:

  2. very extremely similar. I wonder which one came first?

  3. His did. I am just playing around with stuff at this point. Currently digital graphite is my playground for "graphite". I know it says it's powered by MT..but some of the posts are being made by graphite. It's launch is really just a launch as a playground.

  4. so graphite is a bloging tool? is it a desktop app that post to a mysql database or a php script that post to a mysql database that mt renders?

  5. Graphite intrigues me, as I too am a little annoyed by the quirks in MT. Granted my blog is tiny compared to, say, Erik's (and doesn't work now thanks to my inability to design a look that I like for more than a week). After seeing what Vinay has done, I like the way some stuff looks [on his]. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

  6. Ryan, surely you're capable of separating content management (MT) from the look of a site. The two have almost nothing to do with one another, so Vinay's use of his own blogging tool has very little if anything to his design.

    My design would likely stay the same even if I switched to an entirely different CMS. Heck, that'd be the first thing I'd do - recreate my existing MT templates.

  7. Graphite is a php/web/sql based blogging tool. However, I am trying to make it in such a way that there can be a local based way to post to it. But that comes much later I think in the process. It's completely separate from MT.

    The reason that I posted that big long post about it is because I want comments regarding what features people want. As far as the design goes, it'll change once I get graphite to a point where it can do a lot more (like template management). I'd very much appreciate it if people would post comments and what features they are looking for.

  8. Ah, I understand the separateness of design and the content management. What I meant was that my blog is lacking parts because I was in the middle of a re-design when I decided to switch looks (again) and focus more on integrating my music with my site. The blog works fine, it just doesn't look right.

    In any case Graphite sounds like a very cool idea. If I knew more about PHP and MySQL I would help, but alas I'm new to this aspect of web development.