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Video On-Demand

Akimbo is a new video-on-demand service. In the signup form they asked for my "content wishlist" and I supplied the answer "Fishing shows and porn. What more could any man ask for? :-)" We'll see how much fishing they actually get on there, eh? Heh.

3 Responses to "Video On-Demand"

  1. Notice in their main graphic it features a fly fishing show? Must be fate....


  2. also, they list in their "what's on" section the Naked News and Danni’s Hard Drive... porn today, fishing tomorrow.

  3. From a quick glance on your site, I gather you're into fishing shows. I have no knowledge of fishing or anything related to same. But, some of the best TV I ever saw was a show called 'Fishing with John' - featuring John Lurie taking various cool people out fishing different places.

    Criterion has released the dvd. Fantastic stuff.

    Just thought you'd like to know.