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Cingular Gets A T and Another T

AT&T is now owned by Cingular. I wonder if that means I can get my Motorola v600 (or v80) sooner? Doubt it. Better coverage? Hope so (not that I'm dissatisfied as is).

6 Responses to "Cingular Gets A T and Another T"

  1. Welcome to Cingular, AT&T Wireless customers

    Eric reports that Cingular has aquired AT&T Wireless (link).AT&T has better roaming rates internationally and more roaming agreements. I assume Cingular will inherit AT&Ts roaming agreements. Also, AT&T doesn't charge for receiving SMS (a practice I fi...

  2. Ummm... MISLEADING! Cingular didn't buy AT&T they just bought AT&T Wireless. It's kinda like saying HP bought Apple if they bought ITMs (just saying if they did)... or like saying AT&T still exist, and is owned my its shareholders, AT&T wireless is now owned by Cingular... Not sure anyway else to say it... this isn't WorldCom buying MCI.

  3. When you say you are not dis-satisfied with regard to the coverage, are you talking as a Cingular customer or as an AT&T Wireless customer? I find that AT&T Wireless' coverage is midling at best, and not satisfying at either my home or at work.

  4. I always found that ATT's GSM service (which I have) is kind of lacking. But their TDMA (or is it CDMA - one of the two) service is pretty good.

    And Cingular hasn't yet bought ATT. The bid has just been approved by the shareholders. It still has to go through the regulatory approval process. That is the merger will actually happen in late 2004.

  5. I speak as a Cingular customer.

  6. I am a Cingular Customer and i am really happy because when i went to Canada it work like i was at home and Customer Service is Wonderfull !