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QotD: Promotion

Question: Have you ever been promoted (and I don't mean from counter clerk to fry master)? What was your increase in pay?

My Answer: I was promoted last May, and I'm looking to be promoted again. Of course, within my own company, there's really no way to go in any direction. 🙂

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3 Responses to "QotD: Promotion"

  1. I was promoted once... it was a joke, really. I was told to come up with my own title and job description (Senior Network/Systems Administrator is what I finally decided on). The responsibilities were the same, but they "generously" gave me a 7% increase in pay, which really isn't much when you make $15/hour... I was/am so underpaid, but it all comes together now that the company is closing at the end of the month.

  2. you know, I've never been promoted, ever. Not that I'm an excessively bad employee, I just tend to move around and not keep my jobs for long enough to get promoted.

  3. Yes, from Desktop Support to System Administration, and then from System Administration to SysAdmin Manager, all before I was 25. The experience was so pleasent that I'm now a 'lowly' SysAdmin at a different company.

    Managers have too many meetings to go to.