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FTPeel 1.1.2

ftpeelicon.gifFTPeel 1.1.2 is out. Numerous bug fixes are included in this build (even though 1.1.1 is only a week old). I've emphasized the most important:

  • Fixed an FTP-SSL server text parsing bug.
  • The transfer status in the Transfers panel should be more accurate now.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing directory downloads and uploads from running at their fastest possible speed with queueing disabled.
  • Fixed a possible security problem (don't ask, we won't tell).
  • Worked around an issue with OpenSSH SFTP servers where the server wasn't setting the modification time of uploaded files. Now this should be working correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where FTPeel was a little too anxious to terminate connections early.
  • Now FTPeel holds connections open as needed, which should boost performance on slow servers.
  • Fixed a problem with parsing the present working directory from some FTP servers.

Grab the update as soon as you can! It's one of the most exciting dot-dot releases ever!

3 Responses to "FTPeel 1.1.2"

  1. Needless to say, FTPeel is a very cool piece of software. I've been a long-time Transmit user, and I've hesitated to switch for a long time, too, and for a reason: Transmit used to be localized in various languages (including German), and I was hoping for that to happen to Transmit 2 for OS X. It has not happened, yet, and seeing Panic focus on other projects makes me think they're not going to do it anytime soon.

    Since you have added a German localization to MailDrop, I have hope for the same thing to happen to FTPeel, so I just bought a copy. It's easily worth the 19 Dollars even without a localization, but it would be very nice to have (in fact, I'd have paid Panic twenty bugs for a German version and another twenty for a Magic Mirror like feature). Heck, I'd even be glad to offer you help with a German localization, although looking at MailDrop you seem to have someone at hand who does a great job translating the GUI.

  2. This shows your very committed to FTPeel with a release within a week of the previous one. Great work. Magic Mirrors is magic! 🙂

  3. Erik: SFTP and now this:

    Now FTPeel holds connections open as needed, which should boost performance on slow servers.

    excellent! 🙂