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Like a Beetle

I'll explain this more in the extended entry…

 me: i have to be careful with you, you know...
 me: that shoulder shirk while leaving is only the start of it :)
her: LOL, why's that
 me: you're one of those sinkholes
 me: female sinkholes
 me: or, more like those sand traps those beetles build
her: LOL, where did you find that?
 me: an ant comes up and peers over the edge and then falls in
 me: the more he struggles to get out, the faster he falls in
 me: and then the beetle gets him and eats him
 me: you're one of those
 me: you're a beetle at the bottom of a sandhole
her: falls in what?
 me: the sand hole
her: we just decided in don't have an orfice
 me: i know that
 me: but this is different

The gal in question is one of the most attractive people I've ever met. By attractive I don't mean just physically: while she's stunningly beautiful, she's also funny, smart, and opinionated. I told her the other day that she's impressive, and that may be the best single word to describe her. She's impressive. She's also dating someone while semi-dating someone else. Neither of them are named "Erik." 😐

Regardless, I find myself thinking about this gal fairly often. More so than one should at this point in a friendship. Add "intriguing" to the list. It's rare that you meet anyone of any gender who is as interesting as I find her right now. It's 10x rarer yet when the interesting person is also sexy, young, and female. 😉

I want to be a good friend to this person. I want to help her with this dual-boyfriendship. I want to listen to her, to hang out with her, to bug her when I want to go out to eat but need a steak buddy. I want to get to know her. I just don't want to fall into the beetle trap. I want to watch the special Discovery Channel episode on sandhole-digging beetles and the ants they eat from the safety of my couch.

So here I am, standing at the entrance to a maze. The embroglio of romance is one with which I'm quite familiar. Every wrong turn leads to a demise of one variety or another. The right path allows me to be a good friend while avoiding the beetle traps. The right path is redeeming, wholesome, and logical. The shoulder shirk? That's an attempt to - and a reminder to myself - to keep my distance from the sandhole.

The ants can't be stopped from peering over the edge. No no, they are tempted, and in they go. Fortunately, I think I have more willpower than the common ant. At least, I'd like to think I do.

P.S. I'm unusually proud of myself for using the word embroglio.

P.P.S. This girl is in no way similar to a beetle. It's a metaphor pertaining to the situation in which I find myself, not of the physical, emotional, or spiritual (or anything else) qualities of the girl. I am hoping that this covers me, but intuition tells me that, if she wants to, she'll find some way to twist my words into something else entirely! 😀

8 Responses to "Like a Beetle"

  1. "to bug her when I want to go out to eat but need a steak buddy"

    Sounds like you're after more than a steak buddy man! Keep up the will power - many weaker ants would have fallen in already!

  2. You're thinking of an Ant Lion.

    The secret to getting at an Ant Lion is to either tunnel under it (undermining, which may give the beast a nasty surprise) or you could just watch and wait for it to mature. The problem with the metaphor is that if you wait too long, then the beast in question may become too mature or it may be caught by another.

    At a certain level, good friends are best, if not the most satisfying.

    That didn't help much, did it?

  3. You're on the friend ladder already, dude. Hop off before you climb too far up that one.

    And YM "imbroglio", btw. HTH.

  4. You want to help her manage her "dual boyfriendship"? Bullshit. Stop kidding yourself. Your current state is that of the beetle in the sandtrap. Go after her. Tell her how you feel. It's the only way out of the trap you're already in. If she doesn't share your feelings, well at least you can stop flailing. Sure you'll die a little, but it will be quick and relatively painless. If you take the other path, death will be slow and excruciating.

    Take your best shot.

  5. Art: Imbroglio and Embroglio seem to be about the same.

    Chas: there's nothing to tell her. Die a little? for what? Nah. I know myself pretty well. It's all good! 🙂

  6. Been there, done it, got the T-Shirt. Twice. You will be eaten alive, no matter how much you try. There is nothing you can do, it is like a moth flying into the light, nothing can stop it. But: it is worth it, every single second. The friendship has a chance, but only after falling into the hole. Trust me...

  7. You know, I'm going to wish you luck. I will repress my usually pessimistic nature and hope that everything works out in the end. But for future reference, you may not want to post about a chick immediately after a gag wanted ad and a post about suicide chick porn. And having this post at all could be incriminating evidence. Hide the bodies before the fit hits the shan! 😛

  8. The ant lion is to the lacewing what the caterpillar is to the butterfly.

    The ant that finds itself in the ant lion's pit, only becomes the ant lion dinner only because it tries to get out.