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Suicide Girls

suicide_girl.jpgI don't find the image to the right appealing in any way. I've never found women with 25% or more of their bodies covered in tattoos to be extra-sexy. I've never found goth sexy. I've never found entirely too much eyeshadow/eyeliner to be sexy. I'm a big fan of "girl next door" and whatnot, and though one of the Suicide Girls may live next door to me (I doubt it), that doesn't mean I'm going to appreciate seeing them on the Playboy Cyber Club (to which I've had an unusually free membership for five years or so).

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the image to the right (I've cropped out any nudie parts) is repulsive to me. It's the opposite of attractive.

I'm not going to write to Playboy and ask that they stop showing Suicide Girls of the Week - other people surely like them. I may, however, stop dropping by on Thursdays. Ick.

P.S. July 3, 2004 - It's funny to me how many people simply think that in expressing my opinion, I'm trying to persuade or deny them of theirs. That's not true. Despite a few comments accusing me, slyly or otherwise, of this, the discussion below is good. Like what you like, I say.

29 Responses to "Suicide Girls"

  1. Have you considered how well this goes with your recent 'I'd Buy It If...' post? 🙂

  2. The Porn Post

    I was musing on whether or not to do a post that had been forming in my head about porn and SuicideGirls, and this post by Erik just spurred me to it.

    It's no shocker that the interweb and porn go hand-in-hand (or hand-in-elsewhere, depending on ...

  3. TrackBack seems to be borked on one of our sites, but I've got a related post here.

  4. i sure wish i had a membership to Suicide girls online, heh.

  5. Now you know how the rest of us feel when we see those generic tall blondes everywhere else. 🙂

  6. I put on some make-up

    Turn up the eight-track I'm pulling the wig down from the shelf Suddenly I'm this punk rock star of stage...

  7. exactly, d.W. said it exactly. The punk/goth community is full of gorgeous women, as the beach is filled with leggy blondes. some people don't understand, but some people, such as myself, find these unique girls to be the most beautiful girls in the world. which is why i am a proud member of 😉

  8. suicide chicks are seriously hott and thery are my type i'm all against the girl next door deal they are just to plain and love type i'm not looking for love just hot sexy chicks and suicide girls are perfect for me and yes tatoos and piercings and black eyeliner and eyeshadow turn me on 0:-)

  9. couple time i kill myself and some my friends stop me do that cause i have reason to live. i dont know what reason i'm living. my life sux cause my parents always fighting each other and yell at me no reason. 'some my friends hate me so much. they want to kill me. i was have a boyfriend. he broke up w/ me b/c my friend told him what i did in past. i did stupid and odd stuff in my past. i told my boyfriend that in the past. that not who i am any more but he still broke up w/ me. i guess i'm not perfect person. i should kill myself. any body don't care about me. i'm just stupid girl.

  10. nikki: Uhm, when there's actually someone to stop you, you have friends.

  11. the sexiest girl i ever slept with was gothic.

    and i find tatoos on smooth skin very hot. but eye make up can sure hide a pretty face. thats my only issue with that. but what i really wanted to say is "ok there buddy, no body here is judging you. calm down. you say your repulsed, i say you need a life, and so does nikki

  12. I agree with that anonymous coward over there who says that these punk/goth chicks are some of the most beautiful in the world. Although, I'm not a big fan of some of these massive tattoos that some wear, some tattoos add a nice touch to their body. As well as the piercings. Although, 9 piercings below the belt is um... blegh. 😉

  13. the suicide girls are the sexiest females that still leave certain things to the imagination so go fuck yourself

  14. Hi, i just stumbled upon this randomly... i'm a suicide girl, and i know the way i look isnt appealing to everyone, and thats honky dory with me. this was a really interesting post. i enjoyed it and thought i would just say eh..

    oh and i have a massive tattoo on my chest haha

    if your curious or bored which ever my profile is

  15. Many people enjoy the opposite of the girl next door, they're not ruining your fun, why ruin theirs? Skip the suicide girls if you dont like them... or would that make just too much sense?

  16. HI yeah

    to me , suicide girls are sexy because thats who they are. they make a point that you dont have to be blonde to be sexy, being yourself is enough. they havent changed their image for anyone. Yeah they are pretty damn hot because they dont have boob jobs or lypo suction and they dont go to the salon 2wice a month to get their roots done. id rather do than pamela anderson anyday.

    and im not homo/bisexual. so that should say alot.

  17. SG is a wonderful outlet for people who ENJOY alternative nude models. if you dont like it, dont look. otherwise, let them be.

  18. oh so true

  19. I'm reading a lot about Suicide Girls being an alternate outlet, but actually, Suicide Girls are every bit as conformist as "girl next door" types. Take for example the tats, clothing preference, makeup that are prerequisites for the label "goth".

    It's also a misconception to think that SGs haven't done things to make their bodies more attractive to others. Tattoos are a good example. A lot of people I know are attracted to tats and find body ink to add an element of attraction. The same can be said for piercings. And how many overweight SGs are there?--not many. This isn't to say that SGs aren't lovely. Some of them are very beautiful and I do appreciate that the website tries to hire models that haven't had surgery done, but let's be realistic... Goth is mainstream and bucking the mainstream is mainstream. Seems to me that anything with potential shock value is already mainstream.

  20. I stumbled on this, and its been months since a comment, but anyways, better than writing manuscripts.

    The truth is that at Suicide Girls there isn't some kind of formula as to what defines a Suicide Girl, like Jaded was implying. Some have no tatoos or piercings at all, some are "heavier" than others. Some could even be considered that "girl next door", others are the total polar opposite.

    Granted, theres no 200-250lb girls that I've seen, but then, considering how beyond a healthy weight by any standards that would be, it would be a little excessive. Its only one more step to claim that something is more mainstream because all the models have all their limbs, since those who are diabled are still an equal part of our society, or at least ideally should be considered as such.

    Defining what is and isn't mainstream is essentially impossible, since it changes so quickly and is often even too subjective to really clarify. Regardless, the "average" girl/woman does not have tatoos (let alone visable), piercings, or has/would posed nude. Considering that any of those 3 elements on their own would put the Suicide Girls into a small minority, any combination of the 3 just makes it an even smaller group, not too mention how many people likely subscribe to the site in comparison to the sales or subscription numbers of any "mainstream" publication. I think that keeps it enough away from being mainstream.

    If you go to any convenience store, and look at whats on the top shelf, how many feature goth/punk/'alternative' girls? The 'clean' (well...) look blonde is still the definitive mainstream, just look at how many girls with dark (or non-blonde) hair have dyed their hair blonde when you walk down any street. I doubt many natural blondes have become artificial brunettes.

    The bottom line, is that if Suicide Girls features types of models that you cannot find in any mainstream publication or website, then it is undeniably providing an alternate choice to what otherwise would be the only thing available. Simply because there are cliches within that alternative in no way discredits that aternative. Afterall, all cliches and stereotypes are created from some form of truth.

  21. Shut up. These girls are hot.

  22. My take on this: You don't appreciate art or even know what art is. Art is a form of expression. Suicide girls are mostly artistic (way more than the blondies with fake boobs that you look at in playboy) and UNIQUE. There's only 1 of each. To me, that is awesome. I don't wanna see clones. I want to see diversity and uniqueness. Uniqueness is sexy! Art is sexy!

  23. Right. Because I don't like tattoos I don't like art. Get real.

  24. I agree with Mr. Barzeski on one thing. The women in the picture is not appealing, simply because she's not my type. Although, I do find her more attractive than bleach blonde bimbos with huge silicone/saline injected boobs, because at least the suicide girl is following her own sense of style. Some may say it's just as conformist, but at least it's not dictated by a woman's desire to feel validated by the "mainstream" man.
    Initially, I was impressed by the Suicide Girls website. Being a woman myself, I love seeing other like women who don't feel the need to abide by the mainstream notion of what's beautiful. As I continued perusing the site though, I began to notice something. Many of the women are very attractive, but some of the photography really lacks. Most people focus their attention on the women, but seeing electrical outlets and other random junk in the pictures is just plain distracting. Also, certain angles and poses are not very flattering. It doesn't seem to be on purpose to try and make these women seem more real. It just seems to be a lack of attention to detail.
    Anyway, happy hunting to all of you.

  25. the suicide girls are gorgeous all of them look different and if u dont like them then go back to playboy or somthing but dont make a big deal out of it. i think there hot and no im not bi or lesbian i just like to see people being themselves!

  26. Suicide girls - a nice concept if it's about a different set of beauty standards. I too was sick of 6ft tall blonde models being the only standard of beauty BUT - I can't get used to the name "suicide" what's the purpose of this name? IS that the highest goal here - to leave the planet? I wouldn't mind joining the site - but I just find the "suicide" name offensive knowing what pain it causes family and friends. Some people have their own issues. YOu can't blame, parents, friends, society, exes for everything. Sure there is bad luck and abuse but very many people in America are famous for making poor choices and then blaming everyone else for the consequences.

  27. You dirty mother fuckers have nothing better to do than just sit around on your fucking computers all fuckin day and slam on peolple just because they have tattoos or they wear too much make-up, FUCK YOU. The only reason you don't like them is because they won't talk to your nerdy, pocket protector, treky ass so fuck off and leave people alone. We are all human we can make our own plans and do what ever we want that is what is so great about being human, try it for a change you worthless piece of shit. 👿

  28. "they dont go to the salon 2wice a month to get their roots done"

    Hmmm.....they may be tattooed and "individual" but I'm quite sure they spend just as much time at the salon as the "6ft blondes" that everyone keeps going on about. Don't over-estimate women.

  29. Honestly, the amount of time a woman spends devoted on making herself look nice isn't really the point. The problem lies in the woman's motivation in achieving the ideal look they believe the mainstream will like. I find that suicide girl-types are less likely to actually care what MOST people think and can then express themselves in their own way. In doing so, they lower their chances of finding a partner, true, but most prefer it that way. Personally, I'm more flattered by compliments regarding my intelligence rather than my looks. This is not to say that I don't spend any time on making myself look nice, but I just don't feel the need to grow my hair out and go back to my natural blonde hair just to get more attention.