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Rock Star for your Blog

This blog's sidebar supports a nice new feature: my current Rock Star top score and ranking. I've done so with a simple little JavaScript (and an accompanying PHP script):

<script src="
username=Erik%20J.%20Barzeski" type="text/javascript">

You too can embed this in your Web site or blog to let the world know how big a Rock Star you are! The HTML the script creates is minimal (two br tags and a link), so feel free to wrap it in <p> or <span> tags to suit.

6 Responses to "Rock Star for your Blog"

  1. Nice piece of code. That is a very cool idea, my friend!

  2. So, it seems to me that with a level of 3, a great many people have trouble breaking 20,000 points. The Rock Star high scores list really only has three names on it: Jeff Linakis, myself, and "DAE." What gives,...

  3. Rock Star has been named (or will be named) MacAddict's "Shareware of the Month." To celebrate, we've dropped Rock Star's price to $9 (from $14)! We'll probably run this price for awhile, but we're not sure when we'll end the...

  4. Cool Idea !

  5. hey, i was at a party, and needed to wind down a bit 😉 gimme a break. of course, here i am UP again at 9:40 so i don't know. i would love to sleep. any suggestions?

  6. I've more or less been doing nothing worth mentioning, but eh. My life's been really bland today. I don't care. I've just been letting everything happen without me these days. That's how it is.