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Filing My Taxes

So, I'd like to file my taxes online. I'll pay $25 or so to do it. The question is: where the hell can I do this? The site is horrendous. I want to claim some deductions (business expenses, as some of my income is 1099) and I also have a standard job that's paid money to social security, FICA, etc.

Where the hell can I do this? Right now I'm playing with a very ugly site named ""

6 Responses to "Filing My Taxes"

  1. You can try I used it. It's $50 if you have 1099's and stuff though. 🙁

  2. I've used for the second year! It only cost me $9.95 USD to file my Feds online; adding your state taxes is only $7.95 USD.

    Itemize your deductions - no sweat

    Had some 1099s - no sweat

    Like I said, I was very happy with them last year and this year is no exception. Very pleasent experience and very low prices. 🙂

    I highly recommend them.

  3. I second the other Derek's recommendation of I've used it for a few years and made a mistake of trying another service last year.

    The majority of the service consists of a sensible Q&A interview; you never have to see the actual forms.

    Finally, after you have completed the e-file, you can download (in PDF format) the various forms that represent what you would have submitted had you filed via paper. The forms have been beautifully filled out in Courier with your information.

    I'm sure that other services offer this, but the overall quality and form of Turbo Tax's solution is a compelling reason to repeatedly use their service and recommend it to others.

  4. Turbo tax is $20 for the basic service. It could be a little more, but Trish says it's real easy.

  5. Last year I did mine and my girl friend's for free through Quicken somehow. Also, I owed Florida some money for something and took care of that online for free too.

    I love Quicken and it looks like TurboTax has already gotten some nods... try it

  6. Bah, all that's available for my country are some specifications for me to implement... Well, at least the state itself offers a complicated web interface for filing online.