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QotD: Taxes

Question: Have you done your taxes yet?

My Answer: No, but I'll be doing them this week I think. I hate doing taxes, but this year I should come out ahead. Maybe.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Taxes"

  1. I already filed & got my refund 🙂 I used TurboTax as I do every year and filed online directly in TurboTax.

    I got a pretty big refund this year from my mortgage payment & property taxes.

  2. I've filled everything out on TurboTax just to see how much I'm getting back. Also my first year with mortgage interest and property taxes to write off, so I am quite pleased with my refund. Will probably have H&R Block do my actual return.

  3. Done and filed using good 'ol forms and snail mail. I dunno, using a program, filing online, or telefiling never seems to feel right. I keep thinking I left something out...

  4. Taxes? I don't make enough to file taxes.

  5. We got our refund on Friday, and today, it's nearly gone.