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Widespread Bargain!

wsp.jpgWowee! You can purchase 51 live not-available-in-stores songs (over 7 hours of music) from Widespread Panic's sold-out year-end concert for only $14.99! Awesome!

My (more-than-) friend Kate in Georgia is a huge WSP fan. I picked up every one of these songs for myself, and for her as well. That reminds me: I should call her. I miss her. The more I think about one I think about the other. Oy.

Back to Widespread Panic, though. I've listened to a few songs in Kate's bedroom once, and haven't heard much of them since. I'll give them a good listen in the next few days, though. What do you think of them? Anyone?

One Response to "Widespread Bargain!"

  1. They remind me of a girlfriend from college. And not in a good way. Sounds look a bargain though for sure.