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QotD: Camera Phones

Question: Does your phone have a camera?

My Answer: Nope. When I get my darn v600 it will though, darnit!

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6 Responses to "QotD: Camera Phones"

  1. Yup, have the Nokia T616 ... pics come out OK, wouldn't say great, still fun though.

  2. Are you sure you mean the Nokia?

  3. I have a Sony Erricsson T610, with a camera. And I've actually used it, the camera. When I bought the phone I bought it for its sleek design and connectivity (I own a powerbook with build-in Bluetooth) definitely not for the camera.

    But it has grown on me. Now I use it to take pictures of all those funny small things you see everyday that just don't come across as funny when delivered verbally.

  4. Dude.....the V600 is totally the new hottness. We've got a guy at our local ATT Wireless store here in Boulder holding a couple as soon as they arrive (apparently within the next two weeks). We finally gave up on our T68i phones. Worst. Phone. Ever.

    We totally need Bluetooth as well (12" and 17" Powerbooks).

    Be sure to post when you get yours. Would love to hear your take on it.

  5. My V600 is on its way via FedEx. Should have it Monday. Too bad I only get to keep it for a couple weeks (it's from Motorola from review).

    I have a T68i and haven't had the reception problems that so many complained about. Probably varies by city.

    And Chris, it's the Sony Ericsson T616 :P.

  6. Yes, I have a Sony Ericsson T616. I bought it for the BlueTooth capability rather than the camera, since I like to sync with my address book. It replaced a T68i which had very poor reception.