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Black Pro Keyboard

Today I swapped out my existing black pro keyboard for one I found in my closet. Typing on this thing is as close to typing nirvana as I can dream possible. It's soft yet responsive. Quiet. It's great. What more could I ask for from a keyboard? The old one is great too - but started to get a little stiff on some of the lower keys (which aren't always struck straight down - I don't hover my wrists when I type).

Aside from the old Apple keyboards, the large beige ones, these are the best keyboards ever. Ever! I've made reacquaintances with this one, and it's a joyful turn of events for all! 🙂

I knew cleaning benefits beyond being able to find the remote controls!

One Response to "Black Pro Keyboard"

  1. My favorite keyboard ever was the Apple Extended Keyboard II. Very nice feel, good size, etc.

    I originally used it when I got fed up with repairing the keyboard which came with my Apple IIGS (the ADB ports were only held in by the solder going to the pins .. I was always re-soldering those damn things) and then used it for years on my PowerTower 180e, until it finally died. (and I had to use the piece-of-shit PowerComputing keyboard [clone of the Apple keyboard which replaced the Apple Extended Keyboard II] for a few months until I got my iMac.

    The only problem with the AEK2 was an odd glitch where typing certain keys very quickly occasionally generated incorrect characters. It happened more on the IIGS than on the Mac .. some slight incompatibility with the ADB implementation or something. IIRC, typing "this" sometimes resulted in "th;" or something like that.