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So, it seems to me that with a level of 3, a great many people have trouble breaking 20,000 points. The Rock Star high scores list really only has three names on it: Jeff Linakis, myself, and "DAE."

What gives, people? Are none of you shamed into competing for higher scores? No wonder very few people display their rankings with the Rock Star For Your Blog code. You're all ashamed that you can't break 20,000!

C'mon, people! Buck up! Score some points! Win win win! 😀

2 Responses to "20,000"

  1. Hey, I can't even manage more than ~15.000, and that's with a playlist specifically created for RockStar. (lots of very different stuff in the hope of making it easier. But you wouldn't believe how similar Tom Waits, Neurosis and Johnny Cash are when you get the wrong snippet...)

    So 20.000 won't be in reach for a while yet.

    But I'm practicising. 🙂

  2. 20,000 Club Rant

    20,000 Club Rant.