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MacTech Renewal

Today I received a renewal notice for MacTech. I won't be renewing because I don't care about QuickTime development much. I don't care about REALbasic development. I don't care about Carbon development (too much). These topics - especially the first - typically comprise about 80% of the magazine's content.

I also got $13.86 from the CD antitrust litigation settlement. I filed my claim at I believe. I have to cash the check by May 20, 2004. Hey, it's $13.86 I didn't have before! I got a Kagi payment too… probably the last I'll ever receive from them as iChem is now part of FSS. $52.50 + $13.86 = a fun evening for me and the lady of my choosing. A cheap, but fun evening. 🙂

3 Responses to "MacTech Renewal"

  1. Hey, nothing wrong with a cheap evening. I rather enjoy them myself.

  2. I would like to subscribe to a Mac magazine about using Mac as your development platform, even for non-Mac specific development.

  3. Money. Sweet. Congratulations.

    (And I share your sentiment about MacTech; I never got around to subscribing (years ago), and now I have no motivation to)