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QotD: Breakups

Question: What's the worst thing you've ever done to cause a breakup (perhaps between someone you wanted to date and "that other person")?

My Answer: Nothing, really. As much as I might like to date someone, I figure they wouldn't want to date me if I caused a breakup. No, sir. I'm too familiar with the friend zone.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Breakups"

  1. I've never caused a breakup, thankfully. I always treated my friends' significant others in a friendly manner, and never had any interest of dating them. I did date a friend's ex once, but I asked my buddy if it would be alright with him if I went out with her. A month later I realized why they broke up. Yeesh!

    Never again would I date another man's woman, or have the desire to.

  2. An intercourse-free foursome and receiving oral sex. I didn't kiss anyone though, so c'mon!

    That was back when I was a major heathen. I've since become a much better person.