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Joel has some thoughts on beta testing. Of course, as is usual with Joel, his advice is only good in small percentages. About 15% of that article is useful to me - 1500 beta testers? Pshaw, it'd be great to have 1500 users sometimes! We're a small company, after all, and while Fog Creek is as well, it's clear we're a teeny bit smaller, eh?

Useful article, again, but in varying percentages to varying people.

PulpFiction 1.0 will be releases [eventually | soon], and we already know some features that we'll include in version 1.1, but essentially we plan to have a small, good pre-1.0 beta test, and then simply listen to feedback for our 1.1 release. This doesn't mean that 1.0 won't be any good - it just means that we don't want to include features that won't contribute significantly to the usefulness and practicality of the application.