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February 2004 Zeitgeist

Every month (since February 2003) I post my site's referral search terms (not what people search for on my site). It's an interesting peek that illustrates "how people are finding me." Here's February's…

February 2004 NSLog();
#   Hits   Percent  Search Phrase
1   574    3.05%    camel toe
2   250    1.33%    suicide girls
3   210    1.11%    female masturbation
4   201    1.07%    american idol 3 contestants
5   194    1.03%    camel toes
6   140    0.74%    american idol 4
7   130    0.69%    trista and ryan
8   120    0.64%    singles awareness day
9   103    0.55%    women in the draft
10   95    0.50%    ipod game
11   90    0.48%    evan zora
12   78    0.41%    album artwork
13   75    0.40%    dmg files
14   71    0.38%    rate my camel toe
15   66    0.35%    ipod engraving
16   64    0.34%    survivor playboy
17   59    0.31%    fat people
18   58    0.31%    britney spears sucks
19   56    0.30%    American Idol 4
20   56    0.30%    expensive computers

So camel toes remains at the top of the list (though with nearly half as many results as last month). Amber Tamblyn drops way down on the list and my Suicide Girls post puts them into second place. Trista and Ryan, Evan and Zora - people, when are you going to get over it? C'mon now, seriously? The rest, well, I just don't have a comment.

These search results continue to be rather illuminating. If nothing else, they illuminate just how poorly search engines describe a person's body of writing.

3 Responses to "February 2004 Zeitgeist"

  1. After following this same format I am starting to believe that by listing the popular terms in reports such as this these we inherently generate even more hits about said topics. So the result might be, if you want people to stop hitting your site for "Trista and Ryan" stop mentioning them every month.

  2. Yeah, but that kinda ruins the possibility of having a zeitgeist, no? How else can we report what's being searched for without, y'know, reporting it?

  3. Maybe we can put something in the robots.txt file that would tell Google we think these pages aren't useful pages to index. More info.

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