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QotD: .Mac

Question: Do you have a .Mac account? Do you use it? For how long have you had it? Will you renew?

My Answer: Many questions, but easy answers: yes, yes, since they became available, and yes.

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11 Responses to "QotD: .Mac"

  1. yes

    yes, particularly for iSync, but also for email

    as long as they've had it

    yes, i need my iSync!

  2. Used to, dumped it when they started charging. I don't need the disk space or the web space, but I liked having a .mac email address.

    Haven't really missed it.

  3. Once upon a time (When they were free) I had a .Mac account. I used to for e-mail and light hosting. I just can't reconcile a .Mac account with my other hosting provider though. Maybe if .Mac supported multiple e-mails (I know, I know they do, sorta...) and would point my domain at it's servers, and supported Movable Type I would move back. As it is my current provider has been very good to me, even though they don't do WebDAV.

  4. I got it at first for $50 but didn't renew it, just kept my .Mac email.

    I didn't use it much, and haven't missed it - simply don't need it when I have good and cheap web hosting.

  5. Yes.

    Even though I own several domains (as well as a reseller account), each with at least one IMAP mailbox, I still like having a address & I like using it for my photo galleries. I also use iSync since I have several computers, so I need .Mac for that.

  6. No .mac here. I really have no use for it so it would just be a waste of money.

  7. It's a cool idea, and I can see a use for it, but nothing compelling for me personally, so no, I don't have .mac.

    I also never understood the furore when Apple started charging for it - it seems to be something worthwhile, so my view was "put up or shut up": it's hardly expensive after all.

  8. Yup.

    I don't think people know about the free software and discounts. One example: you can get 30% off Keynote right now.

    - Scott

  9. I don't have it yet, but now that i have 3 macs, keeping them synchronised is next to impossible without .mac so, i think i'll be buying it shortly.

    unless there is another way to quickly, and easily sync up address books and bookmarks between multiple machines.

  10. yes, sometimes, since it became available, and whether I renew or not has a lot to do with what they add, Apple said they would be adding more and more stuff to .mac to make it more valuable, but I haven't seen them innovate too much more since the introduction.

    I would be a much easier sell at $60-$80 per year.

  11. .Mac = .No

    .Mac QotD