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South Mosquito Lagoon

Met up with Thong Boy Bung just before 7am and were in the waters of the southwest corner of the Mosquito Lagoon by 7:02. Around 2:30 we exited the water and loaded our kayaks onto our vehicles.

That's about all there is to it. 🙂

OK, the extended version:

We put in, we paddled north while the wind was calm. We saw squat. Nada. Zip. Zilch. We decided we'd paddle to the other side of the lagoon and try our luck there. We did, and the wind began to pick up from the southeast (that should make our paddle back easier, right?). We found nothing - but we did find Curtis (who we've invited to join this forum) and talked for awhile.

By this time, the wind had switched to the southwest, making our paddle pack - again - into the wind. Neither of us had yet to see a fish (mullet don't count, right?). We paddled around a little bit and found a protected area that looked interesting. The QuickMud nearly ended our lives prematurely, but we escaped on our hands and knees only to face the two-mile paddle back into the wind.

We did that and drifted some flats. Well, I - with the aid of my drift chute - drifted the flat. The way the wind was blowing and the speed at which bung (no drift chute) moved, I was expecting to see a rooster tail out the back of his yak. I picked up several trout - the largest of which was about 10" - and the smallest of which may have won me the smallest fish award if I cared to try for that one. All caught on a large red/white SS Minnow (which, I swear, was almost as large as most of the trout).

On our way back to the boat ramp we saw a small creek and paddled down it. We saw tails and some action. We saw a LOT of mullet. I caught a few trout (one of which I landed - the rest pulled off pretty quick). A small one. I drifted further up the creek and returned to hear the tale of a 30" silver thing. Bung called it a tarpon, which must be short for "figment of my imagination." 😛 *

We paddled back to the launch and left, 5.54 miles later, almost all of which was into the wind.

* I believe that there were tarpon in that creek. The fins sticking out of the water looked like tarpon fins. I fully back bung on this one, God's honest truth.

Pictures can be found here.